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Our Lensballs enable you to experience photography in a new, fascinating and creative way. We recommend the 60mm Lensball Mini to use on journeys or as an additional crystal ball to our 80mm Lensball Standard. However, when you are using just one ball, we would like to refer to our 80mm Standard Lensball – because of its bigger size it is easier to catch good, clear pictures of your targets. The usage of more than one ball allows a great opportunity for taking shots on a higher creative level. We guarantee our lensballs are as good or better than any in the market – they are carved from crystal, polished and hardened which enables a scratch-free surface enabling years of fun shot-taking with this awesome camera accessory! For us there is nothing better than taking a perfect shot in this case with the target captured like a dream inside the crystal ball. Our lensballs come from our US, UK or Australian fulfilment warehouse based on your location for quick delivery and we believe they are the best quality in the world.


We know about the requirements that photographers expect from their equipment and so we offer a product that is the ultimate in quality.

  • Highest Quality made with K9 Crystal Glass
  • Carved, Hardened and Polished
  • Created by Lead Manufacturers


Grab your 80mm Lensball today. We deliver locally in the US (Free), UK and Australia (low Flat Rate). Rest of the world also has fast major courier delivery.

  • Fast & free shipping in the US: 2 – 4 days
  • Fast shipping in the UK and Australia: 2 – 4 days (just $4.95 flat rate)
  • Rest of the world: Only 4-12 days via major courier

Take Awesome Creative Photos


The Lensball is equally suitable for camera phones or cameras of all types. Standard phone and camera smart features such as auto focus work fine with the lensball.


  1. Diamond cutting blades cut up perfect cubes from quality crystal bars.
  2. Cubes are run through an oven at 1600 degrees Celsius softening the cube.
  3. Large hydraulic mould presses heated cubes into a round shape.
  4. Very gradual reduction to room temperature so the balls avoid imperfections and bubbles.
  5. Multiple polishing cycles for an unblemished, highly polished surface.
  6. Further fine polishing occurs using two disks spinning ultra-fast with the crystal balls in between. They spend 40 minutes inside this machine.
  7. Every ball is thoroughly inspected, the requirements are so stringent that only 25% pass with the rest recycled into step 1.

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We are proud of our products as they are made from the best raw materials and created by experienced manufacturers specialising only in photography quality balls. Be careful about where you get your product these are handmade - imperfections and less clear Crystal Balls are common in this industry unfortunately.


We ship fast and free in the US (2-4 day average) and just $4.95 to rest of the world. UK and Australia are also locally delivered (2-4 days). Rest of the World is 4-12 days.


Create stunning, creative and amazing images with our crystal clear Lensball products.